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Company: Clinique


Comforting Cream Cleanser is the gentlest makeup remover. Yet it does its job quickly and effortlessly.

Company: The Wedding Villiage

Details: Fish Bowl Vase
Ideal for flowers as a centrepiece on the tables at the reception.

(10cm) 4", (12.5cm) 5”, (15cm) 6”, (17.5cm)7”, (20cm) 8”
(25cm) 9”/10", (30cm) 12”, (35cm) 14”
Prices Start From £3.00
Company: Rainbow Florist Supplies


Bubble Vases
Ideal for flowers as a centrepiece on the tables at the reception.
Glassware > Bubble Vases

A= 10cm/4" - B=12.5cm/5" - C=15.2cm/6" - D=21.3cm/8" - E=25.4cm/10"
Prices Start From £1.70
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Company: John Lewis


Fill this clear, spherical glass vase with a bright bunch of flowers or experiment with sand, stones or pebbles for an innovative, interesting floral display. Handmade in Poland.

A = 15cm, B = 20cm and C = 24cm
Prices Start From £12.00
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Company: Inspire Hire Services


Regular Fishbowl vase. Height - 20cm.
Medium Fishbowl vase. Height - 20cm.

Small, Medium and Large. See website for exact demensions
Prices Start From £1.50
Company: Habitat


Name of item: BOLL
Vase Clear Glass

D26 x H23cm
Clinique Comforting Cream Clenser