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Reasons why to have a magician at your wedding:-

1. Close-up Magic is becoming very "Fashionable" even "Trendy" due to extensive media coverage. There have been many TV programs dedicated to the art of magic such as Monkey Magic, Paul Zenon, Derren Brown, Dirty Tricks, Undercover Magic and Max Magic, not to mention the US imports like David Copperfield, David Blaine and Chris Angel. Most adults rarely get to see close-up magicians performing.

Of course hiring a Close-Up Magician for the guests shows that the bride and groom have put a little extra thought into the event for their benefit. This is always perceived as a nice additional touch.

2. Close-up Magic is a unique form of alternative entertainment performed at a range of inches not feet, right under the noses of the audience. As a result It is very direct and visually astounding and makes the event "Memorable" You can be sure guests will be talking about the event for weeks, months and even years later.

3. Magic is a great ice-breaker. No other form of entertainments gets people talking to this degree.

At a wedding reception getting the friends and relatives of two distinct family groups to socially interact with each other is of course the overall objective.

Nigel Francis
Magical Entertainer
0845 108 2467
07958 320338

I belive magicians are the perfect form of entertainment at a wedding. Last year I was invited as a last minute friend of a guest to a wedding, not as the entertainment I add. I did not know anybody apart form my invited friend. At the hotel, there were endless photgraphs in the garden resulting in many of us standing around sheepishly and cold, wondering at what point we would get something to eat! It would have been ideal for an entertainer to  wonder through the small hungry huddles of groups and break the ice and help pass the time away.

Not necessarily for the site but funny anyway, but at the tables of that same wedding, I decided that our table were so alienated from eachother that I would provide some magical  mood enlightening entertainment, and prompltly bent some of the hotel spoons Uri Gellar style. The priest from the church service was at our table and he loved it, so much so that he spent the rest of the evening physically bending the hotel cutlery! You'll probably find you can hire him as a magician these days!!

Ian Souch
(m) 07984 937 415
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