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The 10 Top Tips for Wedding Shoes
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1. Try on lots of pairs of wedding shoes before you buy, this will help you avoid changing your mind too many times. Shoe Sale assistants should be able to help you decide which style suits you the best.

2. When you decide on a style you like make sure you buy them after you have bought your wedding dress. Make sure the styles of both complement each other. Detailed shoes look good with the simpler dress.

3. Are you having a marquee? Make sure you choose a wider heel for Marquee weddings especially if you have to walk on grass. Stiletto heels are more likely to get stuck in the ground.

4. If you are of a similar height to your h2b then think about the length of the heel. You do not want to choose a heel to tall so that you are towering over your man.

5. Make sure when choosing the style of fabric for the shoe that is similiar or the same as the texture of the dress.

6. Make sure you take your wedding shoes to your last dress fitting to make sure the length of the dress is right. You do not want to be dragging it around everywhere!

7. Colour shades, traditionally try to get the colour to match, alternively the modern bride might decide to suprise their wedding guests and buy shoes in the colour that matches the colour scheme of the wedding.

8. Wear, wear and wear them shows some more before the big day, make them confortable. This will minimise the blisters on the big day. Make sure you wear them inside though!!

9. Party Gel Pads - Make sure you have some on you especially for the bridemaids so they can dance all night long!

10. Lastly, think about if the pair you really like is a little on the expensive side, would you be able to wear them again? This goes for the bridesmaids as well, ask them which they prefer, you can always get your shows dyed to a colour betting fitting a different outfit.

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