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Wedding Bubbles
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Perfect to ring the changes! Contains non-toxic bubble liquid wand inside cap. Pack of 24
Fabulous four-tier 'cake' bottle containing non-toxic bubble liquid and wand inside cap.
Pack of 24.
Celebration bubbles in little champers bottles with non-toxic bubble liquid and wand inside cap.
Pack of 24.
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Wedding Bubbles
Have a bubbling good time with the Gazillion bubble machine! Keep kids entertained with colourful bubbles by simply pouring some Gazillion solution into the bubble chamber and watch it blow gazillions of bubbles. Includes 1x 115ml Gazillion bubble solution. Requires 6x AA batteries (not included).
Little pots of wedding bubbles in the shape of champagne bottles, our best selling wedding champagne bubbles.

3 For 2 - Mix & Match on all bubbles priced at 49p. Add required items to basket and discount will be shown automatically.
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Wedding Bubbles
Champagne bubbles pack of 24
Champagne bubbles pack of 24
Gazillion Bubble Machine
Champagne Bottle Bubbles - (single)
Champagne Bottle Bubbles - (single)
An exclusive decoration from Paperchase. Not suitable for children under 3 years. The dimensions for this product are HxWxD: 96mm x 188mm x 126mm. PACK OF 24

Postage for multiple or single Paperchase products is only £3.25 for orders up to £24.99.
Age Range: 3 - 8 years

Great idea for kids at parties or special occasions, keeps them occupied and bubbles look lovely at weddings.
Hen parties simply can't be without this cheeky willy shaped bubble blowing necklace. This naughty bubble blowing pot comes complete with a pink ribbon strap to put round your neck. Unscrew the lid to reveal the bubble wand.
A totally portable hen night accessory for all your Hens. Sold singly.
Hen Party - Bubbles - Willy Shaped
This sweet 3 ½" (9cm) plastic champagne bottle contains bubble liquid & a wand attached to the 'cork'. Although bottle and wand are petite, normal sized bubbles can be blown - we know, we tested it! Perfect for your guests, young or old, at any celebration
Champagne bottle - Bubbles - 6oz
A pack of 24 little champagne shaped bottles containing bubble liquid and a mini wand attached to the 'cork'.
Champagne bottle - Bubbles - 6oz - Box of 24
Perfect for every celebration, these clear straight tubes contain clear, non-toxic bubbles and wand inside heart shaped cap.

Pack of 24
Wedding Bell Bubbles White
Size: 7.5cm high - white bell shaped bottle. Not for use in play by children, due to small top. Contents bubble solution.
Love Bird Bubbles
Size: 5.6cm high. Bubble contents non-toxic. 24pk
Straight tube bubbles pack of 24

Do bubbles stain your clothes or more importantly your wedding dress?

It depends on the batch of bubbles.

Our advice is test beforehand. Some guests actually bring their own as their form of confetti so always best to test out before on some old clothes.

Most bubbles are ok as the mainyl consist of soap and water however a few have a high concentration of soap which can lead to stains.

Just to add that Silk wedding dresses tend to show up any soap/water so might be worth avoiding the bubbles if your dress is made of silk.

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