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Wedding Budget

Your Wedding Budget

The reality of getting married in harmony an fizzle out out like day-old champagne once your planning begins. Here at we believe one of the most important parts of the planning is setting your budget so you go nose diving into into financial folly. The key part is to decide what parts of the wedding are most important and set your budget against this and make sure you stick to it.

Wedding Planner Tip
Allocate your money wisely. Spread the cost over the whole planning ensure you do not fall into making the same mistakes as most brides and spend the bulk of your budget at the beginning of the planning.

So first things first. How much can you afford to spend? Once you have set your budget, you'll need to be prepared to make some tough choices regarding how you want to allocate your money. Remember the most important thing is your (you and your partner's) vision. If you are realistic, creative and focused, you can have the perfect wedding wihtin your budget.

Wedding Planner Tip
Make your purchases on a credit card. Most credit card companies now offer buyer protection service, so if the supplier drops the ball you can contest the charges. This leads on to say make you purchase wedding inurance as the saying goes "its better to be safe than sorry"

Wedding Planner Tip
Share your budget and magazine cllppings with suppliers when you interview potential supplliers. This will help understand more what you want and need. They can often help you dream up something special to match your vision and price range.

Wedding Planner Tip
Why not to try and start a bidding war - Seek estimates from at least five suppliers in the most important areas you require. Things like photography, flowers, bridal attire, wedding reception and caterers, record their bids.

Why not use our Budget and Expense Worksheet to assist you

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