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The 10 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Ring
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1. The most crucial part of choosing the ring is ensuring you get the right look. If your partner is trendy ensure you choose a princess diamond in a white gold bezel setting. If they are funky/fresh then an emerald-cut diamond in a platinum bespoke setting would be perfect and if your partner is traditional then a diamond in a gold prong setting will probably be best.

2. Remember a affordable engagement ring will be around £250.00 for a 9ct yellow gold ring with a low quality quarter carat diamond.

3. The most expensive metal is platinum. A wedding band would cost around £250.00 although a specially made bespoke band cold cost up to £2,500.00. You should look to spend around a month’s salary on your perfect ring.

4. The best tip for h2b is to sneak a ring from her jewellery box and get is sized by the local jeweller or if possible take a measurement of the internal diameter of the ring. The average size is an L.

5. Consult with your partner to see if they prefer size of quality and always buy the best you can afford as jewellery doesn’t usually lose value (much like a house). Remember that a larger diamond of a medium quality will be roughly the same price as a smaller diamond of the highest quality. Taking advice from a diamond expert to make sure you get the right one if advisable.

6. A usual rule is to ensure that the shape of diamond reflects the personality of the person who will wear it.

7. Make sure you shop around for that perfect ring and always compare prices. Remember this is going to be the most important ring you will ever buy. The internet is always a great place to get a bargain however it’s best to see the ring in front of you before you make a decision.

8. If you are on a budget and a ring is not as important as other parts of the wedding and marriage then the most affordable metal is 9ct gold. You could pick a 9ct gold wedding band for around £30

9. If you are looking for something that is unique then its worth sitting down with a ring designer to decide on what could actually be done and the costs involved

10. Remember that when buying a wedding ring you must ensure that it matches and does not clash with existing rings. Also that platinum rings are best for partners that have sensitive skin.

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